Growing marijuana or pot is illegal in most countries. This means that if you are interested in obtaining marijuana seeds, you have to be cautious where you get your source. There are a number of potential drawbacks when buying marijuana seeds. Not only is doing so against the law in most places, but finding reputable marijuana seed banks, avoiding scams, and having them shipped safely to you can be challenging. Also, keep in mind that each country has its own unique laws, so you better check each of them.

The first thing to take into account when considering purchasing cannabis seeds online is the kind of seeds that you want. It is usually a toss between Indica or Sativa. There are two major differences in the two plants. Firstly, Indica plants are better for most medicine. It is great at relieving pain and other ailments. Sativa marijuana plants are believed to provide relief form anxiety, depression and several other sicknesses. The other main difference between the two is the flowering time. Sativa plants take a bit longer to flower. Indica plants flower time is around 7-8 weeks.

Finding a dependable online supplier can be a bit challenging. Some suppliers ship poor or musty seeds. There are those who do not even send your orders. Still others are lax with their security measures, and this means that your personal information can be exposed to people who should not be privy to that information. That is why it is very significant to identify an online seller with a spotless reputation that you can trust. Look for an order tracker that you can use to track your marijuana seeds after they ship them.

It is really not that difficult to buy marijuana seeds online and the legal risk is very low. Most marijuana seed banks ship their seeds stealth. This means that the seeds are shipped in conjunction with other articles such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and CD’s. There are people who have been ordering marijuana seeds from all over the world for well over 10 years with no issues at all.