Feminized seeds are high priced comparing with the regular ones. It is because the feminized seeds have gone under a process, that most of us would find tough. After the process, the seeds end up having no male chromosomes in them. Gardeners throw away plants because they are male, and won’t produce buds. In worst cases, male cannabis would pollinate the female and the female will usually end up growing flowers without seeds. So to prevent that, some people choose feminized seeds to produce all female plants.

People use various strategies and methods to feminize seeds. One way is by growing normal or a regular plant. About two to three weeks after flowering, they pollinate the female plant with the male one. They use colloidal silver mixed with water on the pollinated female plant. With that, the male chromosomes will die. Note though, that the sprayed plant can no longer be consumed because of the harmful substance sprayed on it. Some people use cloned plants to feminize seeds. Female plant regularly sprayed with colloidal silver will not produce buds. Instead, you will see it growing balls just as male cannabis does. Gardeners would consider this as an opportunity to collect the balls and pollinate other females with it.

Others claim that sometimes, the process is not 100% successful because they still get male seeds. According to study, nutrients that we give to our cannabis plants during early weeks influence the seeds they produce. For example, nitrogen triggers more female seeds. On the other hand, potassium triggers more male seeds. Other factors include humidity and temperature. If you want to produce more female chromosomes, it is good to keep the humidity high and the temperature low. In the case of lighting, choose lights with bluer spectrum, and lessen the exposure of the plants in light. Some plants would feel desperate about being pollinated, and instead of waiting until the cycle ends, the female plant will start pollinating its self to produce seeds. As a result of self pollination, the cannabis female will produce female seeds. If the female failed with pollinating itself, it will turn into male cannabis.

Most growers find it illogical to produce their own feminized seeds because it requires a lot of work and timing for them, so instead of working for it, they buy feminized seeds. In addition to that, some people who tried to feminize get disappointed in the end for still getting male cannabis plant after the process. Growers explain that the process may be 100% successful but it is still possible that female plants become male. Another factor that affects the gender of a plant is stress. As mentioned earlier, proper temperature and lighting produces female cannabis. The plant may get stressed because of excessive light and heat.

So far, the easiest and most effective way that growers find to feminize seeds is through the use of colloidal silver. Although there are consequences like losing female cannabis, growers choose to trade it into a lot of feminized seeds.