Cannabis belongs to the genus of flowering plants which includes assumed varieties such as Cannabis sativa, ruderalis and indica. Other than being used as hemp for seed or seed oil, it was also used in the medical fields as a drug that is known to help in diseases; however it was banned because of its abusive use. However, it’s roots and history still stands firm until today.

Cross breeding of cannabis or marijuana plants started when Ben Dronkers, the founder of Sensi Seeds, grew his first plants in the year 1975. Off course, the thing that led him in doing so is his passion and fascination in cannabis, which began decades ago. He began collecting seeds that for him is a good quality weed. Collecting and categorizing the cannabis seeds that came in his possession soon grew in a devoted effort. In the year 1978, Ben started working and studying both with farmers, botanists and plant researchers to know more about cannabis. His findings then led to his conclusions that the genetic makeup of the plant has the greatest importance than land-use and cultivation method.

Towards the end of the seventies until the middle years of the eighties, Ben sought out the best cannabis genes. He focused on regions and countries that are best known for their traditions related to cannabis. From Central Asia to Hindu Kush, from Himalayas to the subcontinent, from Southeast Asia and around the tropics, he collected seeds that have superb genotypes, representing the best of Indica and Sativa. Around 1984, from collecting, Ben’s passion moved to breeding. Using his top collection of Indica and Sativa, he began to cross breed and combine genes of different cultivars which then resulted to hybrid cannabis.

Moreover, Ben was able to obtain the original genetic formulas of the first stabilized hybrids, including Haze and Skunk that were arriving in Europe from the US in the early eighties. This then led to Sensi’s acknowledgement as one of the three Dutch growers at the same time breeders who had access to the first wave of the hybrid cannabis.

This new found genetics strengthened and expanded further the libraries of the three breeders. It also served as an outstanding pattern for the cross breeding process. Thus, this arrival of new genetic material resulted to the creation of the new world-class hybrid cannabis in Europe. It was the final step needed for Europe to have such a breakthrough. In 1985, The Sensi Seed Club, also known as the Sensi Connoisseurs’, first incarnation of Sensi’s seeds, was founded. Nevertheless the existing breeder programs were then expanded and centralized, putting so much effort on standardizing the steps or procedures in creating hybrid cannabis and keeping scrupulous data of plant genealogy and their relationships with each other.

The ability to test and to grow as many offspring as possible in every generation determines if the cross breeding produced a stable hybrid. In order to know whether the preferred quality are passed on or needs more fine tuning, stability needs to be considered. Since testing were a priority, equipment were brought in that would aid in the reprimands of the testing procedures. It was only then that Sensi seeds marked its true beginning.