Cannabis can be cultivated where its legal, either in a small room, in the closet, in a greenhouse, and for some, in a cupboard. Below are techniques and tips you should know before growing your own cannabis.


Select the appropriate soil. First, check what composes the soil, the raw materials in it. Soil nutrients are also important for the plant, so it is important that you know how much nutrients the soil has. Choose the soil with a lot of nutrients in it for healthy cannabis. Make sure that as it grows bigger, you transfer it into a bigger pot for you to be able to add more soil and nutrients. As a result, your plant will suffer. Soil without nutrients is not really that helpful. Finally, check the pH of the soil. For cannabis, aim for the soil with at least 5.0 to at most 6.8 pH value. Not all plants have the same recommended pH value. Also, it is important to check the character of the soil. Some soil types are compact and airy, but they are definitely not for cannabis.


When it comes to lighting, it is good to use MH, or metal halide light. This light is intended for your cannabis’ vegetation. Another one is the HPS or High Pressure Sodium. This light is usually used for flowering stage. However, most people prefer LED over the two other lights because it has more benefits and does not waste way lesser energy, comparing to MH and HPS.


Most producers find it difficult when the plants start growing tall and drooping. This is mostly the case in SOG since the plants grow fast at the same time. It is good to prepare a fence to support the plants. Make it a habit to trim your plant for faster regeneration. It is important to choose a quality plant to propagate; you don’t want to waste your plants all at the same time. Even if you get to harvest faster and more plants than the other gardeners, you also have to avoid trading off the quality of your produce.


If your plant is budding, and the light is unable to reach the budding site due to some leaves, it is recommended that you trim or completely remove the leaves. Keep doing this even if the bud is already flowering. When it comes to the size of light to use, it is completely up to you. Some people use larger light, considering the needs of the plant. Some people though, find it hard and expensive to maintain larger light. If you want quality cannabis, it is recommended that you use larger light. Below are additional tips for you to remember when cultivating cannabis: 1. As you grow your own cannabis, it is important to keep your tools and the surroundings of your plant clean. You are also required to keep your hygiene when taking care of your plant, cannabis are pretty sensitive. 2. Do not drown your plant, or else, they’ll die. Check the soil often. If the soil under the pot is not moist, water your plant. 3. It is true that plants need music every so often. Play music around your plant sometimes. Also, welcome clean air in the room. These will keep your plant happy. 4. Don’t get too excited to harvest. It is important to wait until the plant is mature enough for you to harvest. 5. Use quality seed. Avoid buying random seeds. Do some research on cannabis seeds before purchasing to avoid mistake, and wasting your time and energy in the future.