Collection #1 AUTOMATIC Feminised Seeds Automatic Collection #1 34.0000 Add to cart
Jack 47 Auto Feminised Seeds A very potent Autoflowering strain 48.9000 Add to cart
OG Kush Feminised Seeds Very strong 29.0000 Add to cart
Sweet Mix Auto Feminised Seeds - 10 Sweet Seeds Autoflowering Feminised Collection 35.0000 Add to cart
White Beelze Bubba Regular Seeds OG Kush hybrid with strong and relaxing effect - limited edition! 69.0000 Add to cart
Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds-5 Highly pungent and aromatic cannabis strain that combines the best qualities of its parents. 28.0000 Add to cart
Auto Wappa Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Paradise seeds are taking pride in having achieved Wappa auto flowering. Auto flowering hybrid Indica 50% Sativa 50% 40.2500 Add to cart
Banana Diesel Feminised Seeds - 6 Delicious sweet 'n' sour strain with medicinal applications. 69.0000 Add to cart
Jamaican Pearl Regular Seeds Mould resistant outdoor cannabis sativa hybrid. 61.0000 Add to cart
Kiss (Big Northern) Feminised Seeds Cheesy strain 55.0000 Add to cart
Living Earth Organic Cotton Black T-Shirt Living Earth Organic Cotton T-Shirt in Black 31.0000 Add to cart
Auto White Cheese Feminised Seeds Good energetic effect for various activities. 19.0000 Add to cart
Honey Cream FAST Version Feminised Seeds Honey Cream is a great strain for Indica lovers with an intense, sweet sugary, almost caramel-like aroma 30.0000 Add to cart
Cole Train Feminised Seeds - 6 Large yielding, early finishing strain that strives in marginal conditions 51.7500 Add to cart
Sour Walker Feminised Seeds - 5 Sweet 'n' sour flavour with long, fat buds. 46.0000 Add to cart
Pharmahemp 3% CBD Drops Full Spectrum 10 ml 10 ml. bottle of 3% CBD Drops. 23.9500 Add to cart
Puff Puff Pass Out Feminised Seeds The name says it all 46.0000 Add to cart
Gorilla Glue #4 Lilly Feminised Seeds Potent and pungent 80% indica strain. 40.0000 Add to cart
Mangobiche Regular Seeds - Limited edition This is a classic in between the best of the best Colombian originals. 35.0000 Add to cart
Royal Dwarf Automatic Feminised Seeds With a similar genetic background to Easy Bud but crossed with Skunk to create a new autoflowering feminized variety. 25.0000 Add to cart
Gobbstopper Regular Seeds Long lasting fruity flavours and mellow affect 53.1900 Add to cart
NY Diesel Feminised Seeds Fruity and stimulating 45.0000 Add to cart
BC Mango Regular Seeds-12 Predominantly indica variety with a delicious smell and taste. Good for commercial cultivators as well as connoisseurs, this low odour variety grows a massive central cola with minimal side branching. 59.9900 Add to cart
Gorilla Glue #4 Feminised Seeds Very sticky, very potent sativa-dominant strain. 40.0000 Add to cart
Euphoria CBD Feminised Seeds This strain is great for those who experience social anxiety and is generally considered to be one of the medical cannabis strains. 35.0000 Add to cart
Blue Widow Feminised Seeds Fruity chewing gum smell. Changes colour in cold temperatures, 79.0000 Add to cart
Heavenly OG Regular Seeds Refreshing and uplifting 134.3700 Add to cart
Golden Berry Feminised Seeds - 6 Tasty Kush variety 70.1500 Add to cart
Auto Kryptonite Feminised Seeds Powerful sativa dominant auto strain. 25.0000 Add to cart
Strawberry Glue Regular Seeds Outstanding variety 103.5000 Add to cart
Triple Cherry Diesel Regular Seeds - 15 One for the taste, two for the yield, three to get ready and grow, grow, grow. 72.8400 Add to cart
Dr. Tao Sativa Regular Seeds - 5 Medical tribute to Dr Grinspoon 14.0000 Add to cart
Green House Logo Design Hoody Grey Green House Logo Design Hoody 44.5000 Add to cart
Amnesia XXL Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Quick flowering and easy growing Sativa dominant auto strain 175.0000 Add to cart
Bubblegum Hash Plant Feminised Seeds - 6 Sugary and resinous 69.0000 Add to cart
Upstream Feminised Seeds Blend of the best Delicatessen genetics 33.0000 Add to cart
Pretty Wicked Regular Seeds Beautiful colours and flavours 47.4300 Add to cart
Hoodie - Guaranteed Delivery (BREEDER PACKAGING REMOVED) Guaranteed Delivery is strongly recommended for cannabis seeds orders from the Southern Hemisphere and the Americas. 25.0700 Add to cart
Royal Kush Automatic Feminised Seeds Quick and easy Royal kush Automatic adds a little bit of Kush to the autoflowering mix. 32.5000 Add to cart
Fire OG BX3 Regular Seeds-12 Through rigorous testing and years of testing males to see what would help retain all of the Fire OG Kush magic, we are proud to offer you our Fire OG Kush Bx3. This line turned out so well at Bx3 that we found our new stud in here for future breeding projects and now you can have the best OG Kush available in seed form 59.9900 Add to cart