Psycho Crack Feminised Seeds A mix of UK and US genetics produced this favorable Sativa dominant strain 32.0000 Add to cart
AUTO AK-77V Feminised Seeds Aromatic and resistant 25.0000 Add to cart
Great White Shark Knitted Hat Great White Shark Knitted Hat 12.5000 Add to cart
Wax Liquidizer - Banana OG Flavour Make Banana OG flavoured e-liquid from your herbal extracts and concentrates. 49.9900 Add to cart
Auto Bomb Feminised Seeds Good yielding auto 32.0000 Add to cart
Girl Scout Crack Feminised Seeds Energy and relaxation combine in this therapeutic marijuana strain. 30.2900 Add to cart
Auto Purple Bud Feminised Seeds Potent tropical variety 25.0000 Add to cart
Bubba Kush Regular Seeds Physically relaxing indica-dominant strain. 64.0000 Add to cart
The Third Dimension Regular Seeds A very fast growing plant with a tropical taste of Pina Colada. 100.4100 Add to cart
Widow Feminised Seeds A coffee-shop legend since the early 1990s. 39.0000 Add to cart
30th Anniversary Mix Feminised Seeds - 30 Great value high THC indoor varieties 155.0000 Add to cart
Endoca CBD Hemp Salve 750 mg. CBD-rich Hemp Salve to soothe and help heal sore and broken skin. With 750 mg. CBD. 77.9500 Add to cart
Seedsman T-Shirt Olive Seedsman T-Shirt Olive 17.2800 Add to cart
Kerala Regular Seeds Minty flavour and potent, energising high; quite small, dark seeds. 20.1100 Add to cart
Sour Ripper Feminised Seeds Sativa dominant potent Sour Diesel 35.0000 Add to cart
Original Afghani #1 Regular Seeds Dense buds and copious resin. 101.4000 Add to cart
Firefly Regular Seeds - 10 Heavy yielding with beautiful fruity aroma 115.0000 Add to cart
Original Blueberry Feminised Seeds-6 Blueberry has been at the top of the tree for many years and never fails to delight. Delicious fruity aroma, blueberry taste and soaring, long-lasting high. 59.9900 Add to cart
Unfuck the World Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Blue Unfuck the World Organic Cotton Tee in Blue 31.0000 Add to cart
Shiva Skunk Feminised Seeds The most powerful member of the Skunk family 190.0000 Add to cart
Kali Feminised Seeds Uplifting, active sativa strain. 44.0000 Add to cart
CannaSutra Regular Seeds - 5 Sweet and mild 30.0000 Add to cart
Amnesia Gold Feminised Seeds A hybrid cross of two Haze plants. Vigorous and productive strain. 30.0000 Add to cart
Indica Accessory Pouch Can be used as a multi-purpose, pencil case or make-up case, etc. 18.6100 Add to cart
Northern Light Feminised Seeds-5 Great Northern Lights x Skunk #1 hybrid cross. Said to be one of the best smokes in the world. 19.0000 Add to cart
Big Devil XL AUTO Feminised Seeds A new cross between Big Devil #2 with a Jack Herer Auto 43.9000 Add to cart
Hemp Carry Bag nner Zipper Pocket Inside Phone Pocket Removable, Adjustable Shoulder Strap Short carry handles Clips keys to metal fixing on inside of bag. Allows quick and easy access to your keys. Prevents keys damaging interior lining Sativa Key Ring Size: width 22cm; height 20cm Weight: 400g 29.2500 Add to cart
Boom Boom Regular Seeds - 10 Sour Diesel hybrid that packs quite a punch. 87.0000 Add to cart
Missile 33 SuperAuto Feminised Seeds - 3 Perfect commercial strain producing long colas covered in white resin. 36.0000 Add to cart
Afghan Cow Feminised Seeds Good for meditating 57.5000 Add to cart
Special Needs Regular Seeds - 12 Indica-dominant medicinal cannabis strain. 69.0000 Add to cart
Auto Anesthesia Feminised Seeds Northern Lights crossed with Black Domina with added Ruderalis genetics. 25.0000 Add to cart
Wax Liquidizer Stash Bottle Stash/carry bottle for e-liquids/vape juice. 2.9900 Add to cart
AUTO Chocodope Feminised Seeds Easy and tasty 29.0000 Add to cart
Blueberry Hashplant Regular Seeds Blue strain, great powers 77.9900 Add to cart
Titan Auto-flowering Feminised Seeds Dense blue buds 67.4900 Add to cart
Guayaka Regular Seeds Easy, high CBD variety 30.0000 Add to cart
White Widow Regular Seeds Plants white with crystals 101.4000 Add to cart
Hubble Bubble Feminised Seeds Compact good all-rounder. Easy to grow 29.0000 Add to cart
Mr Nice Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt - White Mr Nice Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt - XL 35.2500 Add to cart