El Fuego AUTO Feminised Seeds - 6 Very resinous strain 57.5000 Add to cart
Arjan's Ultra Haze #2 Feminised Seeds Fruity and woody sativa taste. 32.5000 Add to cart
Ripped Bubba Regular Seeds Creative and motivational in the mind and calming in the body and soul with fruity flavour 100.4100 Add to cart
Blackberry OG Feminised Seeds Indica dominant, mould resistant, heavy-yielding strain. 39.1000 Add to cart
Bingo Pajama Regular Seeds Intensely-scented potent strain. 77.9900 Add to cart
Sweet Chunk BX1 Regular Seeds Hybrid cross with 3 phenotypes, two with close similarities to Sweet Pink Grapefruit. 66.0000 Add to cart
Golden Child Regular Seeds Fruity and earthy 47.4300 Add to cart
Bubba Cheese AUTO Feminised Seeds Very flavoursome strain 44.0000 Add to cart
Northern Lights X Feminised Seeds Commercial Indica-dominant strain. 35.0000 Add to cart
Chiesel Feminised Seeds The taste concoction of old skool mixed with the new fuel hints. 67.4900 Add to cart
Leshaze Regular Seeds Strong Sativa / Indica hybrid 18.0000 Add to cart
Larry OG Kush Regular Seeds Solid lemon full stinky sticky buds 80.5000 Add to cart
Vintners Moonshine Regular Seeds Offspring of the winning parent 47.4300 Add to cart
Jack Diesel Feminised Seeds The strength of one of the most popular hybrid in the world, Jack Herer, added to the power of the legendary NY City Diesel. 39.0000 Add to cart
AUTO Jack Hammer Feminised Seeds Well rounded Auto variety 25.0000 Add to cart
White Dwarf Auto Regular Seeds Short, indica-dominant auto strain. 122.5000 Add to cart
Cherry Bomb AUTO Feminised Seeds Easy strain with cherry flavour 27.0000 Add to cart
Loud Scout Feminised Seeds The winner of the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup for hybrids. 100.0000 Add to cart
Albino Fire Skunk OG Regular Seeds - 12 Very complex aroma 62.6200 Add to cart
PAX USB Charger (cord + dock) Complete charging kit with one charging cradle and USB cord. 27.9900 Add to cart
Northern Lights x Big Bud Ryder Auto Feminised Seeds Highly medicinal and therapeutic 50.4000 Add to cart
Super Mazar Feminised Seeds Good yielding Afghani variety 25.0000 Add to cart
Sugar Mango Ryder Auto Feminised Seeds Indica dominant fruity strain 49.0000 Add to cart
Kritikal Bilbo x AK-47 Feminised Seeds Indica/sativa hybrid strain. 45.0000 Add to cart
Bubba Hash Feminised Seeds Flavourful, narcotic indica with Afghani heritage. 50.0000 Add to cart
Champion Feminised Seeds Ultimate Cheese strain. 39.0000 Add to cart
Rocket Fuel Regular Seeds Powerful fuel 177.1900 Add to cart
CannaWell Hemp Pure 6x Oil, Full Spectrum Alcohol Extracted Hemp 1,500mg CBD; 6x stronger than the Hemp Pure Oil; 63.2% Full Spectrum CO2 Extracted Hemp; 15 drops = 25mg CBD; Size: 30ml 175.9500 Add to cart
Notorious OG Feminised Seeds - 5 Powerful, long-lasting effect. 46.0000 Add to cart
Golden Tiger Regular Seeds Overpowering psychedelic sativa effect 25.0000 Add to cart
Big Bang Feminised Seeds Known for its medicinal properties 27.5000 Add to cart
White Yoda Auto Feminised Seeds An easy Autoflowering with a sweet flavour 32.5000 Add to cart
FREE SEED from PARADISE SEEDS - Pandora Auto Fem The automatic genes are preserved but other than that she is a real Indica variety along the lines of Afghani, Spoetnik and Sensi Star. 0.0000 Add to cart
CBD Cherry Kush Feminised Seeds High CBD medicinal strain 31.0000 Add to cart
Rocklock Feminised Seeds (GYO Collection) - 6 Large crystal covered buds. 40.2500 Add to cart
Viper City OG 13 Feminised Seeds - 6 Great all around 51.7500 Add to cart
Killer Kush FAST Version Feminised Seeds Very potent and fast flowering 33.0000 Add to cart
Snowcap - 10 Regular Seeds Stinky sativa-dominant strain. 108.0000 Add to cart
Auto Beary White Feminised Seeds (Limited Edition) Potent, resinous buds with a citrus/Haze smell and taste. 69.0000 Add to cart
Northern Light Special REGULAR Seeds Sweet and powerful variety 9.5000 Add to cart