Haze Express AUTO Feminised Seeds Easy and very productive 34.7900 Add to cart
Rawdawg Regular Seeds Powerful strain with great yield 53.1900 Add to cart
Auto Snow Ryder Feminised Seeds Hardy outdoor auto strain. 33.0000 Add to cart
Auto Amnesia Ganja Haze Feminised Seeds Euphoria and creativity flow from this strain with a pleasant relaxing side too. 22.0000 Add to cart
Haze 2.0 Automatic Feminised Seeds New Haze 2.0 Automatic Feminised Seeds from Dinafem 39.0000 Add to cart
Dandy Dance CBD Feminised Seeds CBD-rich, 60% indica cannabis strain. 38.0000 Add to cart
Diesel Feminised Seeds Intense in flavour and intense in the effect. 46.0000 Add to cart
Kali Dog Feminised Seeds Kali Dog is a fine example of the strong Sativa/ Indica genetics coming from the USA. 32.5000 Add to cart
Sour Walker Feminised Seeds - 5 Sweet 'n' sour flavour with long, fat buds. 46.0000 Add to cart
Bubble Hash SuperAuto Feminised Seeds - 3 Very potent hash plant 36.0000 Add to cart
Banana Bread Feminised Seeds - 6 All-encompassing high with great yields in just 8 to 9 weeks. 69.0000 Add to cart
Hemp Wallet With Security Chain Separate sections for credit cards Two slots for notes Section for coins and photo/license Attached to a chain Sativa Keyring included Weight: 200g Size: 10cm x 13cm 31.8500 Add to cart
Auto Diesel Feminised Seeds Uniform auto-flowering Diesel with a cerebral effect. 44.0000 Add to cart
Zombie Kush Feminised Seeds For Kush lovers 35.0000 Add to cart
AK-020 Feminised Seeds Pungent and bountiful indica/sativa marijuana strain. 60.0000 Add to cart
Widow Bomb Feminised Seeds Very potent Widow hybridw 37.0000 Add to cart
Honduras Regular Seeds Land-race sativa strain with an uplifting, open high. 25.0000 Add to cart
Haze Automatic Feminised Seeds Improved automatic 30.0000 Add to cart
Tangerine G13 Feminised Seeds Vigorous indica/sativa hybrid strain with light green buds and a citrus taste. 65.0000 Add to cart
Buddha's Sister Feminised Seeds A potent strain with a cherry tart flavour 82.5000 Add to cart
Jack Flash x SCBDX Feminised Seeds Sativa-dominant medicinal strain. 44.8500 Add to cart
Safari Mix Regular Seeds - 20 Great experimental mix of crosses at affordable price 20.0000 Add to cart
Critical+ 2.0 Feminised Seeds Very strong and high yielding strain 45.0000 Add to cart
Mountain Dew Baja Blast Regular Seeds - 10 High-yielding hybrid with medicinal applications. 87.0000 Add to cart
Pura Vida Regular Seeds Open mind, fluid body kush magic 77.9900 Add to cart
Auto NL Feminised Seeds Female Seeds autoflowering version of Norther Light 22.0000 Add to cart
Super AUTOMATIC Sativa Feminised Seeds A fast flowering "Haze" strain 67.4900 Add to cart
Amnesia Lemon Feminised Seeds Long strong colas. 26.0000 Add to cart
HappyMix Feminised Seeds - 4 This kit is called "Happy" because of the particular effect produced by these two strains 24.0000 Add to cart
ICED Grapefruit Feminised Seeds Very good Sativa strain with medical qualities 19.5000 Add to cart
Purple Orange CBD Feminised Seeds Beautiful and delicious-tasting CBD-rich sativa-dominant cannabis. 35.0000 Add to cart
Babylon - Metallic Gold THTC's Carbon Neutral Organic cotton t-shirt 31.0000 Add to cart
Auto Haze Feminised Seeds Female Seeds take on Haze, making it an easy Autoflowering strain 22.0000 Add to cart
Jorge's Diamond Feminised Seeds High in THCV, CBD and CBN. 44.0000 Add to cart
Santa Sativa Feminised Seeds Potent, pine smelling strain. 75.0000 Add to cart
Early Skunk AUTO Feminised Seeds Easy and fast 37.5000 Add to cart
Collection 1 Feminised Seeds Feminised Collection 1 50.0000 Add to cart
Blue Pyramid Feminised Seeds Blueberry based indica dominant hybrid strain. 30.0000 Add to cart
Exotic Thai Feminised Seeds Faster flowering Thai hybrid marijuana strain. 40.0000 Add to cart
White Gold Feminised Seeds White Widow x Himalayan Gold hybrid cannabis. 66.0000 Add to cart