Speedy Boom (Speedy G) Automatic Feminised Seeds Its highly stimulating and euphoric effect is recommended for illnesses related to depression. 55.0000 Add to cart
Shiva Skunk Regular Seeds Shiva Skunk is very reliable, easy to grow, and produces higher yields and more resin than Skunk #1. 73.0000 Add to cart
White Siberian Feminised Seeds Powerful medicinal effects 33.0000 Add to cart
Grapegum Feminised Seeds Complex long lasting aroma and effect 25.0000 Add to cart
Big Devil Auto Feminised Seeds Quite tall for an auto strain. 33.0000 Add to cart
Hawaii Maui Waui Feminised Seeds - 5 A citrussy aroma, a smooth, fruity-herbal flavour and an inspiring buzz 30.0000 Add to cart
CBD Hammer Shark Feminised Seeds Good balance between CBD/THC 42.5000 Add to cart
Nightmare OG Regular Seeds - 15 This one has blueberry flavor mixed with lemon pine OG, it is truly something special. 72.8400 Add to cart
Cinderella 99 Feminised Seeds Superb fast-finishing sativa-dominant strain with euphoric high. 34.0000 Add to cart
OG Kush x SCBDX Feminised Seeds High yields and high CBD in this terpene-rich strain. 44.8500 Add to cart
Apollo 13 Regular Seeds - 12 Very pleasant flavour and effect 92.0000 Add to cart
Auto White Haze Feminised Seeds Easy-to-grow automatic Haze strain with a euphoric, cerebral high. 47.0000 Add to cart
Seedsman Merchandise - Tote Bag Seedsman Merchandise - Tote Bag 5.9500 Add to cart
Jack Flash #5 Feminised Seeds Flavour, yield and mind-body potency are virtually unparalleled! 62.0000 Add to cart
Baikal Express Feminised Seeds Very resistant and powerful 38.0000 Add to cart
The Flav Regular Seeds Spicy, oily smoke flavor combined with a calming, pain relief effect 100.4100 Add to cart
Queen of Hearts Regular Seeds Powerful and tasty 47.4300 Add to cart
CBD Mix Feminised Seeds Mix of the best Medical cannabis strains 32.5000 Add to cart
Top Dawg Feminised Seeds Very odorous when growing. 39.0000 Add to cart
Moonshine Haze Regular Seeds The 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Sativa Winner. 78.2000 Add to cart
Technics Headphones T-Shirt White Technics Headphones T-Shirt White 26.5900 Add to cart
Snow Leopard Regular Seeds Chemdawg landrace hybrid 77.9900 Add to cart
CBD Sweet 'n Sour Widow REGULAR - 5 Seeds CBD strain with good mould resistance. 40.0000 Add to cart
AUTO Original Limonade Skunk Feminised Seeds Very citrusy Auto variety 25.0000 Add to cart
Pre 98 Bubba Kush Feminised Seeds Enjoy the original old school Bubba Kush now available in female seed. 55.0000 Add to cart
Dead Head OG Regular Seeds Original '91 Chemdawg (skunk va) x SFV OGK F4 80.5000 Add to cart
Hemp Wallet Front section opens out to hold 5+ credit cards A photo/ticket slot and notes Large double coin section Sativa Keyring included Weight: 100g Size: 11cm x 10cm 14.6200 Add to cart
Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds-5 Highly pungent and aromatic cannabis strain that combines the best qualities of its parents. 28.0000 Add to cart
Black Jesus OG Feminised Seeds Strong Tahoe OG genetics 66.0000 Add to cart
Kama Kush CBD Feminised Seeds Very resistant medicinal variety 29.0000 Add to cart
Blue Venom Feminised Seeds-5 Blueberry and White Widow combined produce plants with high yields of resin-covered plants in 8 weeks of flowering. 37.9400 Add to cart
Bubba Kush Feminised Seeds A strong sweet strain with stress releasing effect 43.0000 Add to cart
Brainstorm Haze Regular Seeds - 5 Uplifting and productive 35.0000 Add to cart
Seedsman CBD Sweet 'n Sour Widow Regular Seeds A CBD enhanced White Widow strain 235.8300 Add to cart
Mozarella Feminised Seeds-5 Classic UK Skunk x Afghani strain which is low maintenance, resinous and high-yielding. Its taste is earthy with cheesy undertones but the smell is a real killer 37.9400 Add to cart
Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Feminised Seeds-5 CBD-rich medical marijuana strain. 40.0000 Add to cart
Yummy Feminised Seeds Sweet tasting, relaxing Yombolt strain 35.0000 Add to cart
Txaki (TX-1) Feminised Seeds Txaki (TX-1) is bred from a cross of CBD-dominant Candida (CD-1) and a rare Mexican sativa, Tijuana, a cut that is exceedingly popular with connoisseurs of the cannabis plant. 50.0000 Add to cart
Banana Split Regular Seeds (Crockett Family Farms) - 12 Fruity easy strain 80.5000 Add to cart
Tre Banana Dawg Feminised Seeds - 6 Big plants, huge yields, potent high. 69.0000 Add to cart