Strong Stuff Feminised Seeds Potent therapeutic cannabis strain. 34.7900 Add to cart
New World Order New World Order is another old school classic THTC design which has now been reprinted after about 5 years of being out of stock due to constant requests 31.0000 Add to cart
Sativa Hemp Hat Look trendy with one of Sativa's durable and comfortable Caps. Adjustable at the back 22.6000 Add to cart
P.O.W Regular Seeds Very good for appetite, spasms and pain relief. 58.3000 Add to cart
Auto Blue Funk Feminised Seeds Automatic Blue Cheese strain. 40.0000 Add to cart
17 Laptop Hemp Briefcase / Backpack 17 Laptop Hemp Briefcase / Backpack 130.3300 Add to cart
Sour P Feminised Seeds Sought after East Coast strain. 45.0000 Add to cart
White Sirius Autoflowering Regular Seeds - 8 Potent white auto strain. 32.0000 Add to cart
Bubba Delight Regular Seeds Good yielding aromatic variety 24.0000 Add to cart
Blueberry Bud FEMINISED Seeds - 5 Berry delight 45.0000 Add to cart
Critical Kush Auto (former Critical Rapido) Feminised Seeds Indica-dominant auto strain 34.0000 Add to cart
Opium Feminised Seeds Large buds. 46.0000 Add to cart
Spice Regular Seeds Fast growing strain with Hawaiian parentage. 57.0000 Add to cart
Mr Nice Skunk Haze Regular Seeds Good all round sativa dominant strain. 57.0000 Add to cart
Alternate Vaporizer - Vivant . 114.9900 Add to cart
Endoca CBD Hemp Oil Capsules DC 300 mg. Jar of 30 decarboxylated CBD Oil capsules each containing 10 mg. of CBD. 30.9500 Add to cart
Funk Dawg Regular Seeds (Clusterfunk x Stardawg) Powerful Funk Dawg stinks up the place with an ultra-skunky smell. 95.1800 Add to cart
Star Killer Regular Seeds - 12 Therapeutic strain for indoors and outdoors. 78.2000 Add to cart
Grape Inferno Regular Seeds Very fruity and relaxing 100.4100 Add to cart
Durga Mata I:I CBD Feminised Seeds Durga Mata enriched with CBD values 46.0000 Add to cart
CBD Somango Feminised Seeds - LIMITED EDITION Fruity strain 27.0000 Add to cart
AK-49 Feminised Seeds Very potent but smooth 45.0000 Add to cart
Sage n Sour Feminised Seeds A must have combo! 40.2500 Add to cart
Nanda Devi Regular Seeds Uniquely aromatic and have a lovely soaring high 11.4900 Add to cart
White Rhino Feminised Seeds - 5 Would be very suitable for medicinal marijuana users 25.0000 Add to cart
13" Laptop Hemp Case with Handle & Shoulder Strap 13" Laptop Hemp Case with Handle & Shoulder Strap 54.5200 Add to cart
Grape Lime Ricky Regular Seeds Fresh fruity flavours 100.4100 Add to cart
A.M.S. Feminised Seeds Very particular taste, sweet and complex. 20.0000 Add to cart
Hemp Purse Holds 10+ credit cards Coin and note sections Photo viewer compartment Popper fastening keeps your wallet secure Weight: 150g Size: 18.5cm x 9.5cm x 3.5cm 17.9600 Add to cart
Whitaker Blues - 10 Regular Seeds Strong and compact 80% Indica / 20% Sativa cross 114.7400 Add to cart
Stitch's Love Potion Autoflowering Regular Seeds - 8 Fruity, colourful, uplifting strain. 32.0000 Add to cart
Original Skunk #1 Feminised Seeds Easy to grow. 21.6900 Add to cart
Super Lemon Haze CBD Feminised Seeds Sativa-dominant CBD-rich medical marijuana strain. 45.0000 Add to cart
Aliens JackD Up Regular Seeds - 15 Well-balanced, tasty sativa-dominant strain from Sin City. 72.8400 Add to cart
Neville's Haze x Mango Regular Seeds Long flowering sativa strain with super aroma and taste. 68.0000 Add to cart
Chocolate Kush Feminised Seeds Mazar x Indica cross 19.5000 Add to cart
Auto Choco Kush Feminised Seeds Short auto strain with sky-high THC production. 50.0000 Add to cart
Nitro Express Regular Seeds A true balance between parents in the cheese flavour and great resin production with an added Haze taste 90.0000 Add to cart
CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Seeds-5 High CBD levels. 40.0000 Add to cart
The Harder They Come Cotton T-Shirt - Grey The Harder They Come Cotton Tee in Grey 31.0000 Add to cart